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Combining his original fine art paintings & original music, Pinch's 'Ultimate Unveiling' events are unparalleled. Using a unique multimedia approach, he unveils 18-24 original oil paintings (all on display) while projecting his 1-minute time-lapse painting videos of each of those paintings being created over three large 4k flat-panel displays.
Contact Pinch directly to learn how he can help make your next event a huge success.
Working with private clubs and various organizations to accent their existing events, Pinch helps provide a deeper and more memorable event experience for their guests - as well as to support and contribute to their individual causes. To do this, he has created a unique way for them to benefit financially. Contact the artist directly to learn more about this opportunity.
Every brush stroke of every single painting on display is captured in stunning 4k video - all while listening to the soundtrack of his original compositions that were inspired by the very paintings on display. It's all right in front of you in the most formal of presentations, including custom lighting. This combination of original fine art and original music coming from a single individual at this level is simply unmatched - and is available for your event.
*Thumbnail sample images from various artists.